A small size stainless-steel and special-alloy tube maker, KAYA

About us


We have devoted ourself to manufacture small size special alloy tubes since our establishment. Fortunately the quality of our products have been accepted on many fields and many customers including U.S.A and German market have been using them.
We will work to raise our quality and tecnique to meet more customers, and wish to contribute to the society through manufacturing precision tubes continuingly.


Representative Yuzo Kaya

2200 Gobara, Annaka-shi, Gunma, Japan


TEL. 027-385-6611
FAX. 027-385-6779
E-MAIL. kaya@kaya-prds.com

Capital stock 20,000,000yen
Establishment August, 1967
Employees 41


Aug. 1972 started to make stainless-steel tubes mainly for antenna of automobiles.
Apr. 1973 affiliated with electric components maker in U.S.A and made anual contracts manufacturing stainless-steel antennas for GM, Ford motar and so on.
Mar. 1975 started to make tubes for stainless-steel television antenna and deliver them to Zenith, RCA and so on.
Oct. 1975 started to make special-steel tubes and deliver them to automobile makers and petroleum makers.
Feb, 1976 established a subsidiary company in New Jersey, U.S.A.
Jun. 1977 relocated Annaka factories at the present place and started buisness for domestic demands.
Oct. 1977 increased the capital to 10,000,000yen.
Sep. 1997 increased the capital to 20,000,000yen.
Oct. 2003 obteined the quality management system, ISO9001:2000.
Oct. 2008 converted the quality management system, ISO9001:2008.
Sep. 2017 converted the quality management system, ISO9001:2015.